IAMCO management is headed by a General Manager and as secondary by the Deputy General Manager, responsible for the overall operational responsibility of AEP, COP and LOS.
The four branches are supported by a Quality Assurance Manager and additionally, IAMCO has representatives at the NATO AWACS Main Operation Base (MOB) in Germany for the handling of transient aircraft and other aircraft services, including the washing of aircraft and de-icing.

AEP (Airframe and Engines Programme) and COP (Component Programme) have similar structures and tasks. Both are responsible for managing subcontracts for E-3A airframe and components respectively. This means management of all aircraft related program efforts.

LOS (Logistic Support) is responsible for coordination and control of the Technical Logistics Support in the areas of Technical Documentation and Material Supply. This is achieved through the performing of material management operations based on enhanced material management systems.

CCB (Contract, Commercial Administrator and Industrial Benefits) is responsible for contractual, commercial, administration, Internal EDP Systems and business development matters.

QA Manager is responsible for performing the Programme Quality Management, Risk Management and Airworthiness Requirements.

IAMCO is ISO 9001:2015 certified as well as in full compliance with AQAP 2130.

IAMCO is also EN 9100 : 2018 (equivalent of AS 9100D) certified.