Mission and Values

Our mission

As multinational Consortium, IAMCO has to manage the Depot Level Maintenance (DLM) of the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control (NAEW&C) Fleet. As Contractor, IAMCO is responsible for the performance of DLM (meaning the Boeing 707-320air vehicle, with four engines Pratt & Whitney TF33-PW-100A, flight essential avionics, mission avionics) of the NATO AEW&C Fleet with the support of NATO approved Subcontractors. IAMCO is also responsible for distributing Industrial Benefits (IB) to the industries of the NAPMO Participating Nations and when required to select new Subcontractors for the work that is to be redistributed. This includes the obligation to sustain a permanent efficient relationship with the industry.

IAMCO declares to be a "Reliable industrial Partner to the Force to enable the desired fleet availability at the best value for money."


Our values

  • One team;
  • Integrity;
  • Respect;
  • Reliability;
  • Proactivity;
  • Customer centricity.